A Guide to Exploring Chattanooga’s Incline Train and Ruby Falls

Chattanooga is home to two of the most popular tourist attractions in the area: The Incline Train and Ruby Falls. The Incline Train is a funicular railway system that has been operational since 1895 and is recognized as a National Historic Site. It follows a 2,000-foot-long track up along the side of Lookout Mountain to Grandview Drive, offering majestic views of the nearby Chattanooga Valley. The railway delivers guests to the summit station, which boasts a full-service restaurant, shopping boutiques, and observation points that provide stunning panoramic sights while still allowing safety and comfort. The chairs are inclined, which adds to the thrill of the ride. The Incline Train is a must-visit attraction in Chattanooga, especially during the night when the mystical view going down is even more enchanting than during the day.

Ruby Falls is a 145-foot-high underground waterfall located in Chattanooga. It is a limestone cave and is located deep in the heart of Lookout Mountain. The cave is a paved pathway with a few slopes and stairs, so ensure you wear good quality non-slippery shoes. The tour takes almost an hour to reach Ruby Falls moving slowly along the cave and taking a lot of photos. You can carry a camera with you to take pictures of various structured rock formations inside the cave. The dead end of the cave tour is the 145-foot-tall Ruby Falls surrounded by colorful light display. It is the nation’s largest and deepest waterfall open to the public and is located over 1,120 feet beneath the surface. The lights are switched “ON” for around 5 mins for each batch and are switched “OFF” making it totally dark around the fall and indicating that it’s time for the current batch to leave and the new batch to arrive.

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